Friday, September 22, 2023

Popeye's Louisiana Chicken

 I don't know why I've always had such bad luck at restaurants, but it continues...

Here is one of my newest ones. 

On Tuesday I stopped at Popeyes #11375, on Pinewoods Dr in Raleigh.  I ordered a 4 Piece Combo (4 pieces of chicken, biscuit, one side, and a drink.)  I ordered it with mashed potatos and a Coke. She then said "We don't have any soda.  We have lemonade or water."  

I told her forget the drink and I pulled up to the window.  Upon arriving at the window she just opened it and said "10 16" and held out her hand.  I handed her my card and she ran it, then handed it back.  About 10 seconds later she handed me a bag and shut the window. 

I looked in the bag for the receipt and it wasn't there - so I sat there and waited for her to notice me.  When she noticed me she opened the window and said "What?" 

I stated that I didn't get a receipt and  she replied "We don't have them.  Our machine isn't working."

So; NO soda.  NO - receipts. 

Then when I got home and pulled everything from the bag there was only the mashed potatos and the chicken.  NO biscuit.  NO utensils to eat the potatoes with.  NO napkins.
Horrible service.  Missing items.  No soda (and no discount for the missing soda).

I'm adding this store to me "Restaurants to Avoid" list.


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